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Here are a couple of testimonials from some of the many satisfied  customers JC Countryside have worked for:

JC Countryside has been carrying out my fencing for the past couple of years after being highly recommended by others in the area.


James is very helpful with advice on fencing and price options and is always ready to answer any queries that I may have.


Prices are very competitive and the work is completed on time, to a high standered and with due consideration to the health and welfare of stock.


JC Countryside has now completed a number of projects for me and has approached each project professionally.


I will not hesitate to use JC Countryside for future  projects.


Mr T Haynes

Equestrian yard owner


I asked for several quotes for erecting 3000 metres of stock fencing plus barb wire using 4-5 inch round stacks at 3 metre intervals.


JC Countryside Services won the contract and completed the job in 16 days. It also included the provision of 2 drinking points in a water course & the erection of 9 gates including 3 pairs.


I found there was no need to monitor progress or check the  standard of work done. This is the first project they have done for me & suffice to say I will not be seeking quotations in the future.


Time is always the testament of stock fencing but I cannot recommend JC Countryside Services highly enough & would be delighted for them to use my farm as an example.


Thank you James & Rob


J B Elkington

Montague Farm