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JC Countryside services offers a full agricultural fencing service. Using up to date equipment and the highest standards we aim to be one of the most efficient fencing contractors in the area. We offer every type of agricultural type of fencing available,using high quality materials.
Types of fencing available  are:
• Stock netting with option of smooth or barb on top                           • Rabbit netting buried or pegged down
• Post & rail                                                                                           • Electric fencing
• Wooden & Metal gates                                                                       • Insurance work carried out

We offer a full barb wire fencing service with the choice  2,3 or 4 strands of barb wire

Rabbit fencing can be buried or pegged down depending on customer s choice. We can install a top strand of barb wire as a jump wire . Badger gates can also be supplied and erected.

JC Countryside offers all types of post and rail from sawn or round posts and sawn or half road rails. With the choice of 2,3,4,5 or even six rail . The post and rail can be topped with barbed wire or electric to prevent damage  from stock.